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If it should get HOT or produce something, it can be fixed!





Our experienced technicians can diagnose and repair most equipment in the field.  All repairs are pre-quoted before work is started.
Our vans are stocked with critical parts.  If we know what we are going to be working on, we will normally bring parts pertaining to the equipment that is malfunctioning.
Installation is no problem with the correct tools and procedures.  We can install both new and pre-owned equipment with start-up services.



Preventative Maintenance

Some equipment has been customized or models discontinued.  We have the availability to fix your equipment with original specifications or better.  Our vans stock presses and welders.
A newly installed piece of equipment or a piece of equipment that has not been operated for a while, we can bring it online and operational again.
The up-keep and checking for problems that normally occur when and during a rush can sometimes be avoided if a preventative maintenance program is in place.




Not sure what equipment you need or want to replace your current piece of equipment.  We have many sources for finding equipment and liquidating your equipment
Closing down a location or relocating a piece or pieces of equipment.  We have removed equipment of all sizes. We have availability to equipment to aid any removal. Proper "capping" and landlord friendly tactics utilized.
If you are not happy you won't call back and probably advise others not to use our services.  We stand behind all of our work and parts utilized with written guarantees.